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But not just anything goes! While they will accept anything you give them (except garbage, we’ve checked), if you really want to fill that invisible friendship meter, you have to give them furniture worth more than 10,000 berries.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In the impressions we made about this title, the truth is that we were much happier about the work than what has finally turned out to be: it is true that from the beginning there is an attempt to copy Animal Crossing: New Horizons quite blatant, with elements such as a museum in which to deliver our most precious pieces to expand a huge collection, many recipes to discover to modify the area of our farm or the very numerous crafting to build all kinds of objects and furniture. But when we approach the ten hours (and being generous), we realize that there are several elements that fail miserably.

The first of them, its progression system: Have you just fished? You level up, you cut wood, you level up too! All the actions we perform in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town can be upgraded ten levels, but except for unlocking new recipes or decorative items, we don’t find that we really improve our character in those areas. That is to say, we think it’s more of a ‘sticking plaster’ to give depth to aspects that don’t really need it. If you cut down a tree, you don’t need to improve that skill if you don’t really appreciate evolution once you get to work.


The winter season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of surprises and novelties. One of them is that snowflakes will start to appear in your village and you will be able to collect them and in this guide we will explain how to get them.

Winter will be present on your island from December 11 to February 24 if you live in the northern hemisphere and from June 11 to August 24 if you live in the southern hemisphere. During that time snow will cover most of the terrain of your island and at the same time snowflakes will begin to appear which you can obtain with the help of your net.

The flakes are perfectly visible because they are large and have a very characteristic shape. In addition, they will make a sound when they pass near you. To catch them you only have to throw the net as if they were bugs, but if you miss, they will probably disappear. If this is the case, don’t worry, because they appear quite often everywhere.

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Although it may seem like we’re starting to talk now, and only now, about New Horizons, the version of the series coming out these days for Nintendo Switch, we’ve really been talking about it from the very beginning. Everything is as applicable to Wild World as it was to New Leaf or New Horizons. The story is pretty much the same: we have a mortgage to pay. It’s a really bad mortgage and it grows as you reach stability: the status quo is to want more at all times. It doesn’t matter if you go to your village by train or travel to your island by plane. The idea is exactly the same.

One of the novel details of this game is that powerful crafting tools have been included. In other words, here we take raw materials that we can turn into improved tools, furniture and all sorts of different things. At the beginning you have basic tools and, little by little, day by day, we get new tools or get new “recipes” with other items. To get them you can prick balloons with slingshots, take bottles with messages on the beach, talk to neighbors … Again, day by day and little by little. But it is clear that Animal Crossing, besides bringing its own ideas, also knows how to take well those of others, integrating these minecraftian options to its world.